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for the first time in a long time I’m actually sitting down and doing some art studies.


I’ve been thinking about backstory a lot over the past couple of days and I’ve been stressing about “tragic pasts.” My biggest fear in getting into storytelling is my characters coming off as generic shonen anime protagonists.

Pasts, tragic or otherwise should be used to shape your character just as much as the present and not just a means to say “hey this character existed and did things before this current part of the story.”

And obviously I’m not the first one to think this because it’s been around for as long as good characters have existed, but I need to stop worrying about their past seeming cliched and focus on how their past impacts their actions in the present. I genuinely kind person is a much more powerful storytelling tool when they have had something bad happen to them in the past, and are kind despite it. Or are actively fighting a mindset that wouldn’t normally be so good. Just as a villain can be made sympathetic when it’s establish why they are doing what they’re doing, and ones who are just dicks are so much more hatable when they have no legitimate reason to be how they are.

That and nothing is truly original and no matter what I do someone’s gonna call bullshit. So I should just do what I think is right.


Whether or not Honey ends up being another Rapunzel re-skin, I am seriously not prepared for 4 months of seeing either side of the argument again.

The fact that one of the most successful and well known animation companies even has copy-pasted models as a point of contention is embarrassing in itself, regardless of whether or not they are actually doing it.


4st: what if centaurs were actually just people that lodged themselves in the shoulder cavity of horses
4st: .......somehow
4st: after typing that out i realized there isnt just a gaping hole in the top of a horse
4st: like some sort of submarine hatch
Samm Neiland: Just
Samm Neiland: Stop
Samm Neiland: Before it gets any worse
Uruguayan Tomato: "shit my horse ran into a sword"
Uruguayan Tomato: "now it is headless
4st: it got worse


Starting to finalize freeds design.

We’re gettin there, slowly but surely.

Stuff in red is old, maybe 2 or 3 months ago, don’t believe I ever posted any of it.


I’m so disappointed in myself but at the same time I’m sitting in my chair giggling like a 9 year old about jokes that weren’t funny 4 years ago and aren’t funny now.


Do people still make sad keanu jokes?

Are those old enough to be considered retro?



I’m just kinda finding out bits and pieces of this dashcon shit via osmosis as it’s been progressing.

It’s kinda difficult to figure out what’s actually true because it’s all so cartoonishly over-the-top stupid, some of this shit is literally unbelievable.

At the same time if it is as hilarious a scam as it seems to be, it’s hard to feel bad for the scammed. Everything I’ve seen boils down to, “Yo, can I have outlandish amounts of money with no indication of what it’s for. Don’t worry bro, I’m good for it.”




Beat shovel knight.

Immediately starts drawing fanart for shovel knight.


Might do a comic stream, because hoo boy did i have a customer today who was comedy gold.


dustybins Asked:
Ive been asking this to a bunch of people i follow so appologies if its a repeat but what did you think about egoraptors Zelda Sequalitis video?


I used to respect Arin a long time ago, but that was one of the single worst Zelda breakdown videos I’ve ever seen.

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This is by far the least informative error message I have ever seen

(via turbro)


I’m getting progressively more tired of my go-to online handle. I’ve gone by vero(m) for like 7 years now. I don’t even like the name that much anymore. It’s more for consistency and the fact that 90% of my friends refer to me as such. It’s just a name 13 year old me decided sounded cool.



Legend of Korra is really good at building up potential to be really interesting.

It’s done it twice now and only ended up being relatively disappointing. I don’t trust it to not inevitably fall back into unnecessary amounts of third wheeling again but that’s sure as hell not gonna stop me from watching it.